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Hello.... Let me tell you a bit about myself & my music,I was singing from the day I was born – sometimes people don’t understand,'It’s my medication – it’s my meditation'.... 'I can't live without music in my life'

Upbringing & Education

I was born and raised in North London. I spent a lot of time in Suffolk and also sometime in Scotland,I went to Brookfield Primary School & Acland Burghley Secondary School both schools encouragedtheir pupils to nurture themselves through Art which helped me grow with confidence & express myself & showcase my talent.I always loved performing, it's in me, couldn't stop even if I tried :-)

Primary School

Whilst at Primary School I sang in school performances and also sang in an Opera – Run By The Baylisprogramme at The English National Opera, ‘The Queen of Sheba’s Legs’ – Which we performedat St Martin's in the fields Church Trafalgar square in London.

Secondary School

At Secondary I sang in The Camden Choral Festival at The Camden Town Hall – I also sang in Bandsconcerts and school competitions with a band myself and my beautiful friend Denise had got together :-).

'Will always love you Den Den's xXx'

My beloved friend Denise played a big part in the music too, we had so much fun singing together.Denise and also quite a few other close friends and family shared a lot of music with me and wouldalso sing and write and play instruments (So blame them for me being mad on music lol) :-).


I have been lucky to have very artistic and creative people in my life who I love dearly and am very grateful for.So getting back to what I have done experience wise or studied etc....I then went on to college straight after school & studied a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts.

My Teachers were very supportive & wanted me to go to university to study script writing but I wanted to concentrate on my music.I received a placement on a music project with Raw Material managed by Bagley’s Warehouse I waslucky to be accepted as they were only able to admit 20 applicants – This was their first ever project,I feel privileged to have taken part and gained experience with working as part of a team with other musicians & some great teachers.I also took a short song writing course at The Working Man's College of Arts and took part in a weeklysinging workshop at The Arts factory.


Whilst being at College at City & Islington, I also received a placement at The Anna Scher Drama School,now The Young Actors Theatre. I got asked for a cv from the director but really wanted to breakthrough into the music industry rather than film and theatre or modelling,I even passed the opportunity of cat walk modelling – I got scouted but did not want to get labelled as amodel and still so badly wanted to break into the music industry.I then started a drama class at The October Gallery – I found that the improvisation classes helpedmy stage presentation and I enjoyed acting.

I must say if I am honest I do love acting & also enjoy modelling but I so wanted to focus on the music more than anything else.I worked on a music project with a few musicians whom I met at a music event at The Ocean in Hackney in London –We then went on to have air play & a live interview at the LBC –(The London Broadcasting Centre) A Major Radio Station.We was interviewed by Tony Blackburn & Doctor Pam – This is where I realised people in theindustry really liked what I was doing.

Music Beginning

Shortly after I got asked for a Demo off of ChrysalisRecord label, But the team I was working with did not want to sign to a major & wanted to start theirown independent label, this caused a break down within our working relationship because they did notwant me to hand over a demo. Looking at it now I guess they wanted us to keep doing our thingand then release under our own label as group, where as I was more hungry for some recognition and to get something released.

I then went to work on a solo project and this is where I started to work with my first everprofessional producer Mr Steve – His experience and talent got one of his songs thathe wrote & produced to Number 2 in The Music Charts – He was also in a famous band in the70’s & signed to Polydor Record Label.

Steve really helped me to grow as an artist, he helped me to feel at ease singing alone and being confident with my own work.I entered a music competition called The Voter’s Choice on Talk Sport –Two of the songs I entered created by me and Mr Steve - were chosen out of a large variety of other Songs.We received some really good feedback from Mike Mendoza a famous Radio Presenter who at thetime hosted shows on Talk Sport another Major London based Radio Station.

Live Venues

While performing & networking, and in between working on projects.Here are some of the venues I have performed at in Camden, Archway, Tufnell Park,Kentish Town, Highgate, Shepherds Bush , Kings Cross, Hackney, and Ipswich and other Suffolk Towns.such as The Hideaway – The Fiddlers Elbow, Bartok, The Boogaloo, The Ginglik, The Scala,The Enterprise, Sounds of Excellence Showcase's , The Spread Eagle, The Respect Festival,& Music Day In The Park, The Feathers & I also have had the opportunity to perform two showcases for Pants To Poverty,one being an art exhibition/fashion show/comedy evening with models, dancers & acouple of other music artist's - in East London, the second showcase being at a YMCA centre inSouth West London which also included another fashion show/& a documentary on poverty in third world countries.

I have also performed at Proud Galleries in Camden.Another venue I performed at was 33 Feet East in Brick Lane.& The Embassy in Mayfair, & also The Society Club Soho another London venue along withBMW I-Concept Centre, Park Lane. I recently performed at The Blind Poet in Edinburgh and have also performed twice atThe Finsbury in London. I am very pleased to say that at every gig I have received such great feedback & this encouragesme to keep pursuing my ambition to become successful in the music industry.

I'm dying for some hits :-)
All I want to do is make music.


Its mad when people say they’ve heard of you & complement your work or talk about aparticular song, I guess I must have something going on,,, (-:I love that feeling of I have made something for my audience and they are enjoying it.

I have also sang live on air on the ICR an Ipswich based Community Radio Station.I also had a feature in the IP1 magazine (A local Ipswich Mag) I received a really beautiful write up –I was stated as having the ability to rival many professional Singer Songwriters andthat my music is very fresh & soulful and they would like to feature me again :-)

I was interviewed and filmed for a short documentary for The UCS a University project.I since then have been working with a few different producers working on all sorts of music genres,especially when it comes to remixes from dub step to house etc.

That's Why I can't Stop Because it's in my blood ,,,, Its in my veins....My heart My soul....I will always Love making Music !!!!On a Mission To Achieve My Goal....


My Plan is to get signed and to get the support I need from a record label and to get on the road and become asuccessful Recording Artist – I am dying to perform on a gigantic stage with a massive audience and to hear mymusic blasting and to see the people dancing :-)

That’s what I love about making music.... the buzz you get when you see how much people are enjoying your works of art....Thanking you for taking the time to read a bit about me.I Luv Da Music, and always will do....

Love Miss V xxx