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Hello.... Let me tell you a bit about myself & my music, I was singing from the day I was born – sometimes people don’t understand, 'It’s my medication – it’s my meditation'.... 'I can't live without music in my life'

Upbringing & Education

I was born and raised in North London. I spent a lot of time in Suffolk and also sometime in Scotland, I went to Brookfield Primary School & Acland Burghley Secondary School both schools encouraged their pupils to nurture themselves through Art which helped me grow with confidence & express myself & showcase my talent. I always loved performing, it's in me, couldn't stop even if I tried :-)

Primary School

Whilst at Primary School I sang in school performances and also sang in an Opera – Run By The Baylis programme at The English National Opera, ‘The Queen of Sheba’s Legs’ – Which we performed at St Martin's in the fields Church Trafalgar square in London.

Secondary School

At Secondary I sang in The Camden Choral Festival at The Camden Town Hall – I also sang in Bands concerts and school competitions with a band myself and my beautiful friend Denise had got together :-).

'Will always love you Den Den's xXx'

My beloved friend Denise played a big part in the music too, we had so much fun singing together. Denise and also quite a few other close friends and family shared a lot of music with me and would also sing and write and play instruments (So blame them for me being mad on music lol) :-).


I have been lucky to have very artistic and creative people in my life who I love dearly and am very grateful for. So getting back to what I have done experience wise or studied etc.... I then went on to college straight after school & studied a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts.

My Teachers were very supportive & wanted me to go to university to study script writing but I wanted to concentrate on my music. I received a placement on a music project with Raw Material managed by Bagley’s Warehouse I was lucky to be accepted as they were only able to admit 20 applicants – This was their first ever project, I feel privileged to have taken part and gained experience with working as part of a team with other musicians & some great teachers. I also took a short song writing course at The Working Man's College of Arts and took part in a weekly singing workshop at The Arts factory.


Whilst being at College at City & Islington, I also received a placement at The Anna Scher Drama School, now The Young Actors Theatre. I got asked for a cv from the director but really wanted to break through into the music industry rather than film and theatre or modelling, I even passed the opportunity of cat walk modelling – I got scouted but did not want to get labelled as a model and still so badly wanted to break into the music industry. I then started a drama class at The October Gallery – I found that the improvisation classes helped my stage presentation and I enjoyed acting.

I must say if I am honest I do love acting & also enjoy modelling but I so wanted to focus on the music more than anything else. I worked on a music project with a few musicians whom I met at a music event at The Ocean in Hackney in London – We then went on to have air play & a live interview at the LBC – (The London Broadcasting Centre) A Major Radio Station. We was interviewed by Tony Blackburn & Doctor Pam – This is where I realised people in the industry really liked what I was doing.

Music Beginning

Shortly after I got asked for a Demo off of Chrysalis Record label, But the team I was working with did not want to sign to a major & wanted to start their own independent label, this caused a break down within our working relationship because they did not want me to hand over a demo. Looking at it now I guess they wanted us to keep doing our thing and then release under our own label as group, where as I was more hungry for some recognition and to get something released.

I then went to work on a solo project and this is where I started to work with my first ever professional producer Mr Steve – His experience and talent got one of his songs that he wrote & produced to Number 2 in The Music Charts – He was also in a famous band in the 70’s & signed to Polydor Record Label.

Steve really helped me to grow as an artist, he helped me to feel at ease singing alone and being confident with my own work. I entered a music competition called The Voter’s Choice on Talk Sport – Two of the songs I entered created by me and Mr Steve - were chosen out of a large variety of other Songs. We received some really good feedback from Mike Mendoza a famous Radio Presenter who at the time hosted shows on Talk Sport another Major London based Radio Station.

Live Venues

While performing & networking, and in between working on projects. Here are some of the venues I have performed at in Camden, Archway, Tufnell Park, Kentish Town, Highgate, Shepherds Bush , Kings Cross, Hackney, and Ipswich and other Suffolk Towns. such as The Hideaway – The Fiddlers Elbow, Bartok, The Boogaloo, The Ginglik, The Scala, The Enterprise, Sounds of Excellence Showcase's , The Spread Eagle, The Respect Festival, & Music Day In The Park, The Feathers & I also have had the opportunity to perform two showcases for Pants To Poverty, one being an art exhibition/fashion show/comedy evening with models, dancers & a couple of other music artist's - in East London, the second showcase being at a YMCA centre in South West London which also included another fashion show/& a documentary on poverty in third world countries.

I have also performed at Proud Galleries in Camden. Another venue I performed at was 33 Feet East in Brick Lane. & The Embassy in Mayfair, & also The Society Club Soho another London venue along with BMW I-Concept Centre, Park Lane. I recently performed at The Blind Poet in Edinburgh and have also performed twice at The Finsbury in London. I am very pleased to say that at every gig I have received such great feedback & this encourages me to keep pursuing my ambition to become successful in the music industry.

I'm dying for some hits :-)
All I want to do is make music.


Its mad when people say they’ve heard of you & complement your work or talk about a particular song, I guess I must have something going on,,, (-: I love that feeling of I have made something for my audience and they are enjoying it.

I have also sang live on air on the ICR an Ipswich based Community Radio Station. I also had a feature in the IP1 magazine (A local Ipswich Mag) I received a really beautiful write up – I was stated as having the ability to rival many professional Singer Songwriters and that my music is very fresh & soulful and they would like to feature me again :-)

I was interviewed and filmed for a short documentary for The UCS a University project. I since then have been working with a few different producers working on all sorts of music genres, especially when it comes to remixes from dub step to house etc.

That's Why I can't Stop Because it's in my blood ,,,, Its in my veins....My heart My soul....I will always Love making Music !!!! On a Mission To Achieve My Goal....


My Plan is to get signed and to get the support I need from a record label and to get on the road and become a successful Recording Artist – I am dying to perform on a gigantic stage with a massive audience and to hear my music blasting and to see the people dancing :-)

That’s what I love about making music.... the buzz you get when you see how much people are enjoying your works of art.... Thanking you for taking the time to read a bit about me. I Luv Da Music, and always will do....

Love Miss V xxx