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Smiles & Cries

Smiles & Cries - Miss V looking down to the left, wearing black in front of a tan background.
Being Happy & Being You ;-)
That's what Smiles & Cries is all about...

This was one of my first songs with Mr Steve who I met through an advertisement I found in the stage news paper, A producer I could afford to work with.

I felt very lucky to have found a producer who wanted to help me to develop my career... & who wasn't charging the earth & could have quite easily if wanted! Steve has helped me to grow as an artist & once said I am like a little seed he helped plant & watch grow & bloom.

A lot of people love this track & I'm pleased because it's a special one. I absolutely love performing this one, The way it captures the audience is amazing everyone so silent & still. It's like raindrops on a leaf falling from a tree I have to write because I can express myself through my poetry.

In The Rain

In The Rain - Rain bouncing off dark bricks.
It's strange because sometimes when I write or when I am recording I feel a presence around me - I know who was around me on this one & I may have had some guidance. It's also quite a deep and personal track.

Good Lovin

Good Lovin - A pink heart on a dark background.
This is quite a personal one ;-). Karen who read my cards she said girl your gonna be a star,,,,,, I was like I wanta hear more about him... She said he's gonna be your everything.... He'll give me that good loving.

Not much more I can say about that apart from Karen told me a lot of things & inspired me with this song.


Stripper - A picture of Miss V from above looking down.
This track got quite a lot of attention, It definitely got people talking ;-)

I was inspired to write something a bit cheeky & collaborated with an American Artist S-Dot Phelps who I met through Twitter and a British Producer Mr Boffly FKDup - Who I met at a book publishing company's event - 'Unbound' which I performed at in Mayfair @The Embassy & then it all went from there.
With Stripper People saw the humour & that's what I wanted as a writer I like to express different moods. It was a fantastic opportunity to work with all those guys, Love to all of the Stripper Crew ;-) They Know Who They Are Lol .... & I am hoping to work on future projects with the guys soon (-:

Like An Ice Cream

Like an Ice Cream - Ice cream on a brownie.
What can I say really lol

A friend/radio presenter posted a pic of an extra large ice cream on face book and it all went from there... Inspiration can come in many ways... Just a bit of humour that made people laugh ;-) I still get jokes about this song & it makes me smile still so it's all good.

Yes it is a rather naughty one maybe? Depending on the listeners mind lol but it's just a cheeky song that was fun to make. You got to laugh in this mad world - Cause if you don't your end up going insane lol ...